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6G: Physical Effects of Holy Spirit Baptism in the Mystic

Purification of the subconscious of all sense of separation is a very real process that takes place as conscious mind merges with superconscious mind in the individual. As these memories and thought patterns are transformed, sometimes dramatic effects are experienced. Some symptoms of this purification are as follows:

  1. Depression as the result of suppressed emotions now being released.
  2. A feeling of emptiness, confusion or disorientation. Old thought patterns are no longer occupying the same space in consciousness. There has been a shaking up.
  3. A flood of tears as the Christ washes away the memories of sadness associated with the past.
  4. The elimination system of the body may respond with a cold, diarrhea, rash, headache, old disease pattern emergence, tingling sensations, skin sensitivity, or waves of heat or cold.
  5. There may be surges of high energy as well as low energy and the need for rest and sleep.
  6. There may be distinct sensations in the chakras as purified energy moves through to open them to the higher energies of the Self.
  7. There may be burning sensations as the fire of the Holy Spirit purifies the energy centers in the body.
  8. Prayer and meditation may awaken the fire energy (Kundalini) of the Holy Spirit. This energy is the great purifier of Spirit which begins a subtle inner process which ultimately leads to a state of union with the Christ. As the result of this awakening, you may experience physical sensations of rocking, shaking, or automatic breathing (pranayama), "He breathed on them, and said to them, 'Receive the Holy Spirit' " (John 20:22).
  9. Some have reported speaking in tongues, laughing uncontrollably, and so forth.
  10. You may experience dietary changes, eliminating certain foods and adding others.

Some of what has been expressed here is the result of what, in Unity, is called "chemicalization." "A condition in the mind that is brought about by the conflict that takes place when a high spiritual realization contacts an old error state of consciousness .... Whenever a new spiritual idea is introduced into the mind, some negative belief is disturbed. It resists. With this resistance comes more or less commotion in the consciousness. This is called chemicalization" (RW/Chemicalization). "When one chemical fluid is poured into another for which it has an affinity, a change called 'chemicalization' takes place. Every single atom of the two fluids being poured into each other is stirred, changed, transformed, transmuted into gaseous substance. The atoms are changed because there must come a resultant fluid, a new something, out of the two.... All is being changed" (Weekly Unity May 3 1919 1).