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6H: Mystic Mind-Sets

As the subconscious becomes more and more purified and open and receptive to the inflow of spiritual Truth or divine ideas from the superconscious, new ways of thinking and perceiving become the experience of the individual. Some of these new mind-sets are as follows:

  1. Instead of reacting to anything or anyone in the outer, there is a great sense of peace from which the mystic responds. This gradually becomes effortless.
  2. Negative judgment of situations or other people gradually becomes a thing of the past. Love is the divine nature of the self and cannot judge. This does not mean there is no discernment. There is plenty of that, and you may often be be guided to set things right, but critical judgment (condemnation) is not a part of the consciousness of the evolving mystic. When the soul is purified, there is no "cause" for judgment.
  3. The concept of yours, mine, and ours disappears. All belongs to God: therefore, all addictive behavior resulting in attachments, possession, and possessiveness falls to the wayside. This also means jealousy and power plays are out!
  4. The concept of forgiveness becomes more inner directed. Having taken care of all surface memory forgiveness, the mystic is compelled to look deeply within and ask the Holy Spirit for revelation and healing of the unforgiven states that have not reached the surface level of consciousness. These memories are, more than likely, the roots that continually give rise to life experiences that result in pain and suffering. Until the roots are healed, the disciple will find himself/ herself in a constant state of forgiving others.
  5. Trust becomes the only lesson. Previously, the metaphysician believed there were many lessons to be learned in the school of life: faith, unconditional love, forgiveness, patience, surrender, and so forth. The mystic knows all these are mastered when trust becomes the focus of awareness
  6. Service becomes the motive for existence — The mystic desires above all else to be used by Spirit to fulfill the will and the work of God. Realization of oneness automatically sparks this heart's desire.
  7. Giving is synonymous with Being. No thought of return or reward for gifts or services rendered enters into the consciousness of the mystic. Giving is done from the nature of being without thought of return.