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7B: Master Path Awareness

A master is no longer conscious of becoming, but only of being. At this level of awareness, all phases of mind are one and the same. Superconscious, subconscious, and conscious mind are fully conscious within the individual, and each phase is functioning according to the natural flow of the creative process in the individual. The soul has been purified, and all sense of separation has been healed. Fear does not exist for the master; therefore, there is nothing to enter (fear) with the unfolding of God's divine plan.

The master has become completely self-realized or actualized and is living in the consciousness of grace. I AM is in control from the understanding, "I AM the presence."

The very presence of the master is a healing one, which lifts and heals those who come in contact with them. All masters are on a mission, bringing God's will into manifestation.

The master co-creates through the power of his or her word from the consciousness of "let there be" and "thank You, God." He-she only creates when instructed from within. Desire and manifestation are one and the same. Miracles are an everyday occurrence because there is no time, space, sense of separation, or concept of lack in the consciousness of a master. All is available and present NOW! "Wherever Spirit is at all, the whole of Spirit must be. And because God or Spirit is omnipresent, the whole of Spirit (Holy Spirit) must be present in its entirety at every point in space and time" (Eric Butterworth Celebrate Yourself 53).