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1A: Holy Spirit as Third in the Trinity

"Unity believes in the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and interprets the Father as Principle, or God. The Son is the expression of God in the individual, namely, the Christ, or I AM. The Holy Spirit is called the counselor or the Spirit of truth" (Elizabeth Sand Turner Your Hope of Glory 302).

"The Father is Principle. The Son is Principle revealed in a creative plan. The Holy Spirit is executive power of both Father and Son, carrying out the creative plan." (Talks on Truth 134).

"The Trinity is not three separate gods but one God in three phases of expression. As the divine Creator, God is Father; as the divine Self in man, He is Son; and as spiritual life and power in activity, He is Holy Spirit" (Elizabeth Sand Turner Be Ye Transformed 18).

In Unity, we believe that the Holy Trinity is not three separate entities, but One. God is expressing through you as you, and it is the Holy Spirit that makes this known to you. God the Father is expressing as God the Son (the divine idea for humankind, the Christ, the only begotten), which is being revealed to you through the activity of the Holy Spirit.