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Mortal Mind

Mortal consciousness is reflective of the prodigal son-daughter who has left the Father's house to discover his-her own way in life. The sense of separation is paramount, and as a result, life is most difficult. Struggle and strife are an everyday occurrence, with the focus being mainly on supplying the needs of the physical.

Individuals wandering in this state of consciousness are convinced they are victims of life and life's circumstances and are unable to make conscious choices other than those influenced by effects. Their reality is all outer oriented.

They are convinced they have no control over life and, as a result, have very little will to change. This mind-set gives rise to irresponsibility for thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Their concept of God is anthropomorphic in nature and results in a prayer life of begging and beseeching a God outside the self to intervene. They are into Savior dependency and usually filled with a deep sense of fear and hopelessness.