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6E: Unpublished Fillmore on Holy Spirit Baptism

Charles Fillmore had much to say about Holy Spirit baptism that has not made it into publication. Some of his comments will be greatly appreciated by those who are on the mystic path and going through in-depth transformation. The following are excerpts from some of his unpublished lectures:

"There is a great fundamental truth back of baptism: that those people who have been baptized feel a great cleansing and purity, and no doubt the church has brought about fundamental changes in the lives of people through baptism, but the water didn't really have anything to do with it. That is an outer symbol. The church teaches today that baptism, or the water, is but an outer symbol of an inward grace. Now we have found what that inward grace is and claim that there is an omnipresent principle, a spiritual principle that apprehended by the mind will enter into the consciousness and cleanse it, and that that has been virtually used by the church all these years, but it hasn't been used with as much power as it might" (Unpublished Fillmore May 16 1923 7).

"Now in the Jesus Christ baptism you are stirred from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet; you feel life; you feel vibration. That is but the outer manifestation of inner life, energy" (Unpublished Fillmore Dec 9 1923 16).

"Now there is no stopping place in the great process of spiritual cleansing. When the law begins to work in man, it is like some of these serums that we are told of, that go into every part of the system; and it doesn't carry disease, but it carries health; it carries purity; and when we say to you that you must deny your sins; you must be cleansed and purified with the cleansing and purifying power of the Holy Spirit, why, it means a definite process, a baptism, a giving up of all the old ways of thought, the old avenues of expression. It means a giving up of your limitations and shortcomings ... Paul said, 'I die daily.' So you will find that in this process of mind change, in this process of giving up of the old ways, there is also a change in the structure of the organism" (Unpublished Fillmore Jan 11 1914

"The baptism of Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit is the baptism in which you breathe upon yourself. We are told that Jesus ... Did breathe upon his disciples and said, 'Receive ye the Holy Spirit,' and they received it, they got something — they went through a transformation in the organic structure of the body. The cleansing force went down into the very cells of the organism, and those disciples began what we might call the redemption, the renewal of the cellular forces of the organism, and that is eternal life and there is no other eternal life" (Unpublished Fillmore May 16 1923 32).

"When man understands this power of the Holy Spirit to dissolve the hard conditions of mind and body in himself, he has incorporated and is working with the Principle that will dissolve not only his hard heart, like Pharaoh, but it will dissolve the hard places, the congested nerve centers or the congested avenues through which the circulation of his body is functioning. This shows that there is an all-around application of these fundamental principles, and when we understand the power of love and give ourselves up to ... the loving help and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, we come into an entirely new relation with God" (Unpublished Fillmore Jan 27 1929 17).

"We find as we get into this inward consciousness ... we are thrown into a realm where we come into contact with forces that cannot be seen outwardly. There is nothing in the sense man's vocabulary that can describe these inner forces, but you can feel it, and as you come into that feeling, there comes certain knowledge. The mind is quickened, and you really have a cleansing of your mind" (Unpublished Fillmore May 16 1923 8).

"Now, the baptism of the Spirit will affect you in various ways. Those who have had experience, tell us that sometimes they are greatly lifted up by this baptism; other times they quiver and shake like a leaf under the force of the baptism. That is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We give more weight to that baptism than we do to the baptism of John, the baptism of denial, but as I say, the baptism of denial precedes and opens the way for the baptism of the Holy Spirit" (Unpublished Fillmore Jan 11 1914 14).

"After a time the baptism will become so strong that you will feel it walking on the street, and you will know that you are in the presence of a high power, a vitalizing, an energizing power that will transform you and make you a new creature. That is the way the new man is coming into existence" (Unpublished Fillmore May 16 1923 36).

Note: It is important to remember that Holy Spirit baptism is peculiar to each individual and is not just a one time experience. It is an on-going process of healing and restoration of the soul to its natural state. The experiences mentioned in the preceding quotes may or may not be part of your personal experience. They are listed here to help you become aware of the many varied ways Holy Spirit baptism has been reported as being experienced by others.