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Table Of Contents



Chapter One — Defining "Holy Spirit"

  • Holy Spirit as Third in the Trinity
  • The Metaphysical Understanding of the Holy Spirit
  • Holy Spirit as the Moving Force
  • Holy Spirit as Comforter, Guide, and Teacher
  • "Breath of the Almighty"

Chapter Two — Defining "Regeneration"

Chapter Three — The Incredible Journey

The Soul's Journey — Process Chart

Chapter Four — The Path of the Mortal

  • Mortal Mind

Chapter Five — The Path of the Metaphysician

  • Metaphysical Mind
  • Symptoms of Illumined Intellect Baptism (Born oi Water)
  • The Role of the Holy Spirit in Water Baptism
  • Regeneration and Water Baptism
  • Charles Fillmore and Water Baptism
  • Tools for Transformation During 1st Baptism
  • Symptoms of a New Consciousness Shift

Chapter Six—The Path of the Mystic

  • Mystic Consciousness
  • Mysticism and the Second Coming
  • Mysticism and Holy Spirit Baptism
  • The Catalyst for Holy Spirit Baptism
  • Unpublished Fillmore on Holy Spirit Baptism
  • Mind-Shifts Encountered on the Mystic Path
  • Physical Effects of Holy Spirit Baptism in the Mystic
  • Mystic Mind-Sets
  • Prayers of the Mystics
  • Centering Prayer
  • The Jesus Prayer
  • The Grace Prayer
  • Charles Fillmore's Invocation Gaelic Prayer
  • Christ Prayer
  • Mystical Identification with "I AM"

Chapter Seven — The Path of the Master

  • Master Consciousness Is Our Destiny
  • Master Path Awareness
  • What to Expect on the Path of the Master

Chapter Eight — The Role of Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit Regeneration

  • Jesus Christ Is Here Now

Chapter Nine — Eternal Life

  • Eternal Life Teachings
  • What's Next?

The Words Holy Spirit in the Bible