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5H: Symptoms of a New Consciousness Shift

To quote Charles Fillmore once again: "When the soul is ready for its next step in the upward way, a great change takes place, known as regeneration" (The Twelve Powers of Man 80). Becoming a metaphysician is not the final goal in the upward spiraling climb into Christ consciousness. It is but one step along the way. Once the metaphysical mind is established in consciousness, a new state of awareness begins to make itself known. That state of awareness is mystical consciousness. There are specific symptoms of this new birth that, when known and understood, are very helpful in making the transition from metaphysician to mystic. These symptoms are as follows:

  1. Divine discontent: This can be described as a feeling or sense of uncertainty, confusion, and inner questioning.
  2. The metaphysician begins to entertain such questions as:
    • How do I distinguish my will from God's will?
    • Why do my affirmations and denials not seem to be working anymore?
    • I thought I had healed that—why has this situation come up again?
    • When do I take control versus letting God be in charge?
  3. The desires of the heart begin to shift:
    • There is a yearning for greater wisdom and understanding.
    • The desire to know the "I Am" within who has been "claiming" becomes paramount.
    • There is a desire to serve Spirit versus Spirit serving you.
    • You begin to tire of "doing" and yearn for "being."
    • The idea of grace begins to appeal to you.
    • The desire to be loved and accepted by others shifts to a more intense desire to become the love you have so long desired to receive.