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6I: Prayers of the Mystics

The purpose of all prayer for the mystic is God realization. No longer does the individual pray for things or to make things happen. The mystic is no longer interested in digging up the past as a tool for transformation, for it has dawned upon the mystical mind that God is the only reality, and anything remaining in consciousness that does not reflect this truth is a mental creation that can only be healed by identifying with Truth. Whatever you identify with, that you become.

Affirmations and denials are still used, but not for the purpose of changing consciousness from one reality to another, but for the purpose of accepting Truth. Truth is the only reality for the mystic.

Guided imagery meditations no longer hold appeal for the mystical mind. Knowing God, knowing Truth, knowing, awareness, becoming conscious, being, moving beyond words and thoughts — the mystic surrenders the mind into these things.

We offer the following prayer techniques to those who find themselves on the mystical path: