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1B: Metaphysical Understanding of the Holy Spirit

"The Holy Spirit is third in the Trinity, which in theology is designated: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In metaphysics we approach the Trinity and more readily realize its meaning through the terms mind, idea, and expression. To be 'filled with the Holy Spirit,' is to realize the activities of Spirit in individual consciousness. The quickening of a man by the Holy Spirit is peculiar to each individual and must be experienced to be understood" (RW/Holy).

"First is mind, then mind expresses itself in ideas, then the ideas make themselves manifest. This is a metaphysical statement of the divine Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The trinity Mind, the expression of Mind, and the manifestations of Mind are found in simple numbers and complex combinations everywhere" (Jesus Christ Heals 121).

"The trinity of God, which is also mind, idea, manifestation, is continually in our mind, and when we are attuned to God, instead of relying on the limited ideas of our own intellect, the Holy Spirit brings the Father's idea of sonship into expression, to our good and to the glory of our Creator" (Frances Foulks Effectual Prayer 41).

It is important to understand the metaphysical Trinity because of the relationship it has to the transformative process going on in the individual. God is infinite Mind out of which emerged the divine idea for humankind which is now being brought into full expression. This helps us understand that we are a divine idea in the process of becoming fully realized through the activity of the Holy Spirit; thus, glorifying and at one with our Creator.