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Cassius and Recca Shafer

Cassius and Recca Shafer, Unity Teachers

Cassius A. and Recca Shafer were early workers in the Unity movement. Neil Vahle writes about them in several places:

  • Engaged in Absent healing at Unity headquarters (p.230).
  • Shafer conducts Sunday evening service in 1901 (p.295).
  • Cassius Shafer one of the first nine people ordained in Unity in August 1906 (p.298).
  • Details of the Shafer's work in establishing the first known center in Chicago (pp.301-5)

In Unity Magazine 1902 October, Cassius and Recca Shafer wrote,

C. A. Shafer: "No one ever did anything against Jesus Christ. His death on the cross was but the fulfillment of his own prophecy. You will never get the kingdom of heaven, good, or evil, unless you prophesy it for yourself. Go within, and live the true divine self, and then you will have nothing to fear or dread, nothing to forgive. This divine self is the expression of the good. When Jesus said, 'Forgive them,' he meant give them the truth which they did not know. No one can do you any harm unless you accept what they say, and you cannot forgive a person unless he is ready to receive that forgiveness. Let us live the life of God as we are the image of God." (p.219)

Mrs. Shafer: "For me, I must hold myself perfectly blameless, and so long as I am pure in heart I cannot send out evil thoughts or words against another." (p.220)

Cassius A. Shafer, Teacher and Healer

Advertisements for their healing work was carried in Unity magazine, such as the following in January 1907: