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BI-604 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation

Lessons for Metaphysical Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation

TruthUnity Metaphysical Bible Interpretation Course Guide Cover

Here is the book I use for teaching Metaphysical Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation. The nineteen lessons in this book include:

  • material from Unity's BI-604 class syllabus,
  • summaries from Unity's texts (the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, the Revealing Word and Elizabeth Sand Turner),
  • content from some scholarly books (listed in the Bibliography),
  • lots of colorful pictures,
  • plenty of my own content.

You can freely download the entire book as a PDF (84 pages).  The online text is the most up-to-date. I apply updates to the PDF and the printed copy when I've got enough time or when I get ready to teach a new class. Links to download are in the lower right. The Creative Commons copyright license (shown below) lets you build upon this material to produce improved versions.

In the Introduction, I acknowledge that the new material I've included should be open for suggestions and comments (critical review). So that you can easily identify what's new, here is a list of my own stuff in the lessons:

  • I've metaphysically interpreted the overall time frame into three periods: the period of Peter, of Paul and of John (Lesson 1)
  • Paul's mission, strategy and vision has been interpreted as an attempt to conquer Rome (Lesson 6)
  • The seven authentic letters of Paul are interpreted metaphysically (Lesson 9)
  • Based on a section of the Marcus Borg source, I explain how we can "reread again" Paul's use of troublesome terms such as sin, judgment, death, flesh and crucifixion (Lesson 10 and 11)
  • I give suggestions on how we can deal with some of the sexist passages in James and 1 Peter (Lesson 15)
  • The Revelation to John is introduced in a dramatic way (Lesson 18)
  • I show how we can use Unity's Five Principles as a basis for interpreting scripture (Lesson 19)
  • Why we should do Metaphysical Bible Study is explained and defended (Introduction and Appendix 1) 

Regardless of what I've added, the material in this book should satisfy the SEE Course Syllabus for BI-604 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation: Acts-Revelation as taught in the curriculum of Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.