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The Quest

The Quest is a year-long discovery of the inner self, our Christ nature based on The Quest, A Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla.

Here are PDFs of handouts for the first seventeen chapters of The Quest

  1. Starting Over
  2. Spiritual Support System
  3. What God Is
  4. Spirit-Soul-Body
  5. The Christ and The Man
  6. Metaphysical Bible
  7. Individuality and Oneness
  8. Cause and Effect
  9. Heaven and Hell
  10. Good and Evil
  11. Prayer
  12. Silence
  13. God's Will
  14. God First
  15. Let Go
  16. Let God
  17. Inner Change

Here is a special thought for the lesson in Week 35:

If you will, pause for a moment and bring to mind someone in your life that hasn't yet got it all together. It may be a coworker who is struggling to hang on to his job or an acquaintance who seems to be the perpetual cause of her own trouble in life. It may be a spouse or child who gets under your skin or a parent who just can't let go of old habits, bitter memories or mistaken beliefs. Just relax your gaze for a moment and bring this person into your heart center.

Having brought this person into your awareness, I ask you to imagine this person sitting directly in front of you, looking into your eyes. Both of you are silent for a moment. Then imagine this person begins to speak to you from the depth of his or her heart. He or she says the following ...

"See me beautiful." These are the words of Kathy and Red Grammer in the following song. If you will, imagine, in your minds eye, this person singing to you these same words ...

If you have been blessed by this message, visit the Red Grammer website and order three copies of Teaching Peace.

Save one for yourself. Give away the others to struggling parents who have young children. Tell them "it's a gift for the kids, but you may like some of the songs yourself." When you do this, you will give them a package containing the most powerful key to successful parenting ... the ability to look at their children and to know that what they truly want and truly need is for us to see them beautiful.

This lesson was delivered in The Quest (week 35), a class based on the book of the same name by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla, held at Unity Church of the Hills, in Austin, Texas on September 13, 2009.