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Frances, Cora and Catherine

Unity’s Hidden Metaphysical Framework

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Hi Friends,

If there were a hidden metaphysical framework embedded in Unity writings that provides a six-step process for achieving peace, power and prosperity, and identifies fundamental blockages to these desires, would you like to know about it? The assertion I am making this morning is that the framework is there, it’s free, it is conveyed in one graphic image, and it can be understood and practiced in less than 30 minutes.

The framework is embedded in the work of Frances Foulks, Cora Fillmore and Catherine Ponder. Their most well-known teachings are much aligned, as is shown in this graphic and as I will bring out the 30-minute talk and slides shown further down.

I have been referring to this framework as “Prosperity and the Twelve Powers.” But I now refer to it as “Frances, Cora and Catherine” in gratitude to the impact their great discovery has had in my life. Frances edited Myrtle Fillmore’s papers. Cora edited Charles Fillmore’s papers and co-authored with him several books. Catherine is in a class by herself. There is a reason why Effectual Prayer, The Twelve Powers and The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity have become read and studied by millions. The reason is, as I assert now, because of the hidden metaphysical framework embedded in their teaching.

I first presented this framework in a series of talks given at Unity Center of Christianity in Baltimore in October/November 2019 (see links to the right) and it was last presented at Unity Church of Peace in North Port, Florida, in March 2023. Several video presentations are also shown below.

Take a minute to look at this graphic. Can you see that peace, power and prosperity starts with ordering our life and relaxing to God Mind, then follows a process of concentrating and meditating on eternal realities that enter our mind as divine ideas, and culminates with our expression of Spirit infused with enthusiasm and love?

It is, as you will perceive, a framework of Mind, Idea and Expression, rolled into one process and conveyed by Frances, Cora and Catherine to you and me. It is the metaphysical framework we know and teach as Metaphysical Christianity, the secret of the ages, emerging today as the next phase of the historic Christian faith.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, May 21, 2023

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Positive Emotions that Turn On the Twelve Powers

Video and slides of 03/05/2023 presentation to Unity Church of Peace in North Port, Florida, in March 2023. This video is available on Vimeo at:

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Frances, Cora and Catherine Banner Frances, Cora and Catherine Banner Frances, Cora and Catherine Banner Frances, Cora and Catherine Banner Frances, Cora and Catherine Banner Frances, Cora and Catherine Banner Frances, Cora and Catherine Banner

Power Emotion Questions that may elicit the emotion Intuition/Divine Idea
StrengthPeace, serenityWhen were you fearless?2. Radiant/Poised
OrderJoyWhen have you been able to trust?
EliminationLightness, ReleaseWhen have you felt truly free?3. Renewed/Reborn
LifePrideHow can you make a difference?
WillInterest, DesireWhat do you really want?4. Creative
UnderstandingAweWhat is God telling you?
FaithHopeWhat do you hope for in life?5. Imaginative
ImaginationClarity, FocusHow will it feel when your blessing comes?
ZealPurpose, PassionWhat inspires you?6. Empowered
PowerMastery, competenceWhat have you truly mastered?
LoveCompassionWho have you truly loved?7. Blessed
JudgmentGratitudeWho has truly loved you?

Talks on Prosperity and The Twelve Powers

Audio and text of six talks given at Unity of Baltimore in October/November 2019. See links to the right (desktop) or above (mobile).

Video presentations. Watch videos below. Click through to Youtube link if the video does not display in your browser.

Video of 2/28/2021 presentation to Unity Center DC. This video is available on Youtube at:
Video of 2/21/2021 presentation to Capital City Unity. This video is available on Youtube at: