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Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures

Metaphysics and the Bible

BI-605 Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures


An introduction to the metaphysical interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures in the Unity framework. Students will begin to understand and interpret the Hebrew Scriptures from a metaphysical viewpoint. The chief aim is that each student have the knowledge and skill to interpret scripture. They will learn to apply the teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures to their lives. Course will be lecture, discussion, and activities.

This course conforms to the curriculum of Unity Institute.


Mar 4, Mar 5, 2010 1:30-3:30, three days next week

Cafe Mozart's, Town Lake


Hyperlinked Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

Course Guide

Unity's View of the Bible

Study Cards for the Course

Study Cards for Numbers in the Bible

Other resources which are distributed in class are available via email request.