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I Behold the Christ in You Postcard (July 2017)

I Behold the Christ in You postcard from TruthUnity

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Talks on I Behold the Christ in You

Video of 4/14/2024 presentation to Unity Baton Rouge.


Hi Friends –

Here are five people who made a difference in the lives of millions of people in our lifetime. Were they rich? Did they have power? Did they invent new technology? Were they born with great beauty, athletic ability, musical greatness or intelligence? No, none of these. It was not who they were, not what they did, nor what they had.

It was what they saw. As Eric Butterworth says, they did not set things right, rather they saw things right. What they saw was the Truth of you and I. Mandela, Rogers, King, Teresa and Chavez not only saw the dignity of God in each of us, they also perceived the vision of our dignity becoming manifest in the physical world.

In many or most of our Unity churches today, we have a very simple ritual that proclaims “I behold the Christ in you.” I don’t know if the phrase originated with Frank B. Whitney, who founded Daily Word. But he wrote the lyrics you see here.

For years, my friend and teacher, Tom Thorpe, encouraged his students to memorize these lyrics. Make them your own. Adopt them as your personal mission statement. Memorizing them and repeating them each day will open your mind to the empowerment of Spirit to transform life.

Mark Hicks

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