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Life of Prayer I - Teach Us To Pray

Life of Prayer I is a self-study course and teacher's resource that is based on Teach Us To Pray by Charles Fillmore and Cora Fillmore.

It is for those who want to retain Teach Us To Pray as the foundation for Unity's introduction to prayer rather than demoting it to the the supplemental reading list. To overcome objections that reading the Fillmore text is too difficult for modern students, this course includes dozens of multi-media clips and sidebar commentaries. The goal is an introduction to Unity prayer that is grounded in Unity's classic text and enhanced with the best of commentary by Unity's great teachers.

The outline and content of the course material has multiple sources and it will be revised as new sources come in. The structure of the course is based on an earlier version of Life of Prayer I as taught by Unity School of Christianity in 1967. Many things from the 2009 version of the course have also been included. I've also added lots of media clips where they are helpful, such as opening video clips from some great Unity ministers and audio of meditations by May Rowland, Martha Smock and Martha Giudici.

Course Description

This course introduces the Unity way of affirmative prayer. It will also explore the traditional Unity five step prayer process. The student will be supported in creating a daily prayer practice. (taken from the 2015 version of this course)

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to (taken from the 2015 version of this course):

  1. Describe and demonstrate the application of the principles of Truth present in the five step prayer process.
  2. Identity their current prayer method and compare and contrast with the Unity method of affirmative prayer.
  3. Create a prayer practice that the student can maintain.

What you should know and remember

Here is what you should know and remember from this course, taken primarily from the 2009 version:

  1. The relationship between one's concept of God and the way we pray (Teach Us To Pray, Ch 1: The God To Whom We Pray). We pray as an expression of God.
  2. How prayer has been defined by Charles Fillmore and other Unity leaders. (Teach Us To Pray, Ch 2: True Prayer). Matthew 6:6: Enter the inner chamber, shut the door, pray to the Father, wait for the recompense).
  3. Unity's emphasis on Silence (Teach Us To Pray, Ch 3: Intellectual Silence and Spiritual Silence). Rest from the intellect, become subservient to the Spirit.
  4. The role of faith in the prayer process (Teach Us To Pray, Ch 4: Healing Through the Prayer of Faith). James 5:5: Faith establishes in heaven what is desired on earth.
  5. True conditions of prayer according to Charles Fillmore (Revealing Word 153, Prayer)
  6. Unity’s five steps to prayer, defined and explained (Effectual Prayer, Chapters 2-7)
  7. Prayer in relation to: Healing, Prosperity, Wholeness, Forgiveness and The Power of the word (Wings of Truth video, segments 5-15)
  8. Five basic Unity principles defined and explained
  9. Denials and Affirmations
  10. Affirmative and positive thoughts in the praying process

At the bottom of this page, you can read and download the 1967 and 2009 course syllabus. If you have other versions, send them to me and I will include a downloadable PDF here and add any useful content to the course pages.

About the Original Course Author

Mary Rexroth (1911-2007) was an accomplished dancer, musician, author and educator. Born in 1911, she was a graduate of Wyandotte High School and the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory where she specialized in Fine Arts, Music and dance.

Before joining the staff at Unity School, she opened a pre-school and dance studio. During her long career, not only did she teach the rudiments of music, modern dance and classical ballet to children from pre-school age to young adult, she traveled throughout the United States directing and choreographing ballets for her student’s professional appearances. When she sold her studio she became a member of the Unity School of Christianity staff. Mary and her husband Roland had been active in Unity for many years.