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Life of Prayer II - Effectual Prayer

Life of Prayer II is a self-study course and teacher's resource that is based on Effectual Prayer by Frances Foulks. The outline and content of the course material has multiple sources and it will be revised as new sources come in. But it is largely based on an earlier version of Life of Prayer II as taught by Unity School of Christianity in 1967.

You will find the 1967 course syllabus at the bottom of this page. If you have other versions, send them to me and I will include a downloadable PDF here and add any useful content to the course pages. I'm also adding media clips where they are helpful, such as audio of meditations by May Rowland and Martha Giudici.

Some people in Unity were sad when Unity School of Christianity chose to replace Life of Prayer II with a new course called Meditation Practices and when Effectual Prayer was dropped as required reading and replaced by Meditation for Dummies by Stephen Bodian and Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Paul Hasselbeck and Cher Holton. Because of the change, you aren't likely to get any credit for taking this course or any other course based on Effectual Prayer. But you will get the best that Unity offered since the book was first published by Unity in 1945.

About the Original Course Author

Mary Rexroth (1911-2007) was an accomplished dancer, musician, author and educator. Born in 1911, she was a graduate of Wyandotte High School and the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory where she specialized in Fine Arts, Music and dance.

Before joining the staff at Unity School, she opened a pre-school and dance studio. During her long career, not only did she teach the rudiments of music, modern dance and classical ballet to children from pre-school age to young adult, she traveled throughout the United States directing and choreographing ballets for her student’s professional appearances. When she sold her studio she became a member of the Unity School of Christianity staff. Mary and her husband Roland had been active in Unity for many years.