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The Human Side of Unity

Eric Butterworth Unity Podcast
The Human Side of Unity

Hi, Friends,

Here are blog posts I have made from time to time about the affairs of our denomination and movement. I refer to them as the “human side” of Unity.

Mark Hicks


Podcast Episode Blog Date Podcast Episode Title
THSU 35 2024-01-07 Kittens Are On the Way
THSU 34 2023-12-29 Why I Built TruthUnity
THSU 33 2023-12-22 Do We Go Forward or Go Away?
THSU 32 2021-12-26 From New Theology to New Thought
THSU 31 2021-05-02 What We Are
THSU 30 2021-04-25 What Are We?
THSU 29 2020-12-27 Two Kinds of Religious Innovation
THSU 28 2020-07-19 Essentialism: How We Stereotype People
THSU 27 2020-06-07 Solipsism: Our Private World of Self
THSU 26 2020-03-22 You Are a Church, Individually
THSU 25 2020-03-15 A Letter to Congregants at Unity in Baltimore
THSU 24 2019-08-25 Bylaws, Branding and the Bifurcation of Unity Part 3
THSU 23 2019-08-18 Bylaws, Branding and the Bifurcation of Unity Part 2
THSU 22 2019-08-11 Bylaws, Branding and the Bifurcation of Unity Part 1
THSU 21 2019-08-04 Why Unity ministers can't find jobs
THSU 20 2018-12-16 Can there be peace in Unity?
THSU 20 2019-05-19 How Unity has taught Metaphysics
THSU 19 2018-07-29 Three Things That Inspired Me This Week
THSU 18 2018-06-17 How Unity Raised $35,000 for Nigeria in 20 Minutes
THSU 17 2018-03-18 13 insights about what people are thinking and feeling
THSU 16 2017-10-22 What Is Your Dedication and Covenant?
THSU 15 2017-05-07 A Season for Healing
THSU 14 2017-04-23 Come for the Education, Stay for the Community
THSU 13 2017-01-15 Godless Metaphysics
THSU 12 2017-01-08 The hinge is off in Unity
THSU 11 2016-07-24 The biggest mistake people in Unity are making today
THSU 10 2015-09-06 The Rise of Institutional Pluralism in Unity
THSU 9 2014-07-17 Disruption and Religious Innovation
THSU 8 2014-06-04 My take on the UWM Member Assessment
THSU 7 2013-07-05 Do you belong around here?
THSU 6 2013-07-01 Why People Commit To Your Church
THSU 5 2013-06-13 If there is no way, we do not need a Wayshower
THSU 4 Unity Transformation Experience and Integral Spirituality
THSU 3 2013-03-17 Diversity, Branding and Worldview in Unity
THSU 2 2013-06-18 The Religious Marketplace
THSU 1 The Human Side of Unity (Home)
THSU 1 The Human Side of Unity (Home)
THSU 2024-01-04 Preface: Unity’s Two Frontiers
THSU 2024-06-05 What Troubles Unity Worldwide Ministries Today