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Unity Basics - A Quest For Truth (Slides and Handouts)

Course Description:

An introduction to the Unity Movement for newcomers and the curious. Over five sessions we will cover Unity's perspective on God, Jesus and the Bible, how Unity is rooted in right thinking and prayer, spiritual law and its application to health and prosperity, and Unity's view of the soul, eternal life and living in the present. Each class will combine lecture and practicing the application of Unity Truth principles. This class is based on Eric Butterworth's book “Unity – A Quest for Truth” which is available in the bookstore.

Course Facilitator:

Mark Hicks Email:

Course Textbook:

Unity – A Quest For Truth, Eric Butterworth (available at the bookstore)

Week 1 - The Relentless Stream of Truth
Reading: Introduction, Chapter 1
Topics: A history of the Truth movement, New Thought and Unity. A discussion of what Truth students can find in a Unity church
Exploration: What am I? What do I want? Is Unity for me?

Week 2 – An Emphasis On You
Reading: Chapter 2
Topics: How Unity considers God, Jesus and the Bible
Exploration: Is God, Jesus and the Bible relevant today? Is Unity different from traditionalist churches?

Week 3 – As a Man Thinketh
Reading: Chapter 3
Topics: Unity's rootedness in right thinking and prayer
Exploration: What is “right thinking” and “prayer”? Why does it matter what I think?

Week 4 – Working with Workable Law
Reading: Chapter 4
Topics: Spiritual law and its application to health and prosperity
Exploration: Can Unity teachings really help me become healthy and prosperous? How so?

Week 5: – The Perfect Round
Reading: Chapter 5
Topics: Heaven, hell, the soul, eternal life and living in the present
Exploration: What does Unity have to say about life after death?

Course Documents:

Course Overview in OpenOffice Format
Course Overview in PDF Format

Syllabus and Lesson Plan in OpenOffice Format
Syllabus and Lesson Plan in PDF Format

Course Presentation File:

There is a presentation file in three formats: OpenOffice, Keynote and PDF. The file has some images which may be copyrighted (I am not sure). So it is available only on request. Email me if you would like it for teaching a class.