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How to Let God Help You

Chapter 29

Parents and Children

1. IT is truly wonderful to have children and to be truly awake in caring for them, that they may grow up in health and poise and assurance that they are God’s and that all things needful come through them and to them. Parents are but representing the divine Father-Mother in receiving and caring for these new body temples which souls are building for experiences and further development of the God-given faculties and powers. Remembering this takes away the sense of anxiety and burden, and gives great peace and joy and consciousness of power and love and prosperity.

2. The first five or six years of an individual’s life are very important, and to keep him healthy and happy and busy with suitable entertainment and work during that period means everything. He is truly laying his foundation and preparing his many faculties for the heavy school work and other activities which are to follow.

3. A parent should turn his entire attention to God and earnestly seek to see as He sees. The parent should see his children as eager growing souls. He should see them as individuals, unfolding their own faculties and powers, individually doing that which seems to them best at tire moment. He should let his mind rise to the heights, where he can view life on a larger scale—seeing these souls not bound by convention and others’ opinions and their own immediate personal problems, but as sons of God, learning By experience, by yearning, and by inspiration the way of Truth in life. He should forget the present in the eternal, and rejoice that his children have come to know God’s plan of life. They are in God’s kingdom—free, free to live life as they see it. They are free to change, where they feel they have made mistakes, or where the present mode of living seems to depress or to hinder progress. They are free to stand for their highest ideals, assured of blessings from others.

4. Lack is a word you should not try to define or even think about. Erase it from your mind because it is a seed thought that will work out in your affairs according to its kind.

5. Thrift consists in using wisely and to the best advantage all the resources of mind, soul, and body, as well as manifest supply. One should use wisdom in all things. One may be thrifty in using a million dollars as well as in using one dollar.

6. Life is a glorious experience when one keeps free from the negative and untrue and undesirable thoughts and feelings. Is it not wonderful to know that man’s soul is now in tune with God’s love, peace, and life and that in truth his body need not wear out, his organs need not suffer, and he need never lack anything?

7. Parents and their children can do without fine homes, good furniture, cars, and the many luxuries that have grown to be a habit with many. But all of them do need one thing every day: a time for quiet prayer.

8. Righteousness is not a church form or moral code, but the actual application every moment of the rules of Truth which give us freedom, authority, wisdom, happiness, and plenty of the good things for the present day. The good that manifests for us is simply the result of the action of our own good thoughts and faith—without any personal effort outwardly.

9. Sometimes the Spirit of wisdom and love will prompt you to do things which you cannot reason out and which might seem to you unprofitable. But when you are keeping yourself in touch with God and really trusting and seeking to do the divine will, you will find all things working together for your good and the good of your family.

10. Divine order will be expressed in your work when you have faith in God. Your hours will be filled with good, profitable work. You will find opportunity to encourage and help those whom the Father may send, and in this way, you see, you will be keeping your part of the universal law of prosperity and opening the channels through which your greater good will come.