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How to Let God Help You

Chapter 1

The Purpose of Living

1. I just want to come in and have a visit with you. Let us forget all that has pressed itself in upon us, to make us sometimes feel that God the Good is not all in all.

2. Here, in the silence, we shall know the Presence of God, and see clearly just how we are to go about living the life that He is giving us so we may bring forth the order, beauty, and freedom that He has planned and that are now awaiting our understanding use. But let us not go too far into the metaphysics of this wonderful thing. Instead, we are here together, just to rest quietly and happily in reality. As we do this, a real transformation will be worked in us and for us. We shall reap the good fruits of our study, affirmation, and meditation.

3. We know from our experience in Unity that there is almost a universal lack of understanding of the Truth of Being. When we use the word Truth, we mean that which is true of God, and true of God’s children. This spiritual Truth is that you are God’s own beloved child and that God is ever giving you His own wisdom, love, power, life, and substance.

4. In the past we have been led to believe that we are the children of physical parents and that we must get our impressions and education, form our living habits, and even do our work, in the way that they direct. Because of this, we have failed to wake up and find out that we are really God’s children and that we have inherited from Him a perfect mind which is capable of unfolding the wonderful Christ qualities, as Jesus Christ unfolded His God-given mind.

5. As we become aware of the truth that we are God’s children and that God is the very intelligence within us, we discover that health also is our inheritance from the Father. We learn, too, that there is divine law in life, with established rules that make for health, happiness, and prosperity if we live by them.

6. As we learn that we are God’s children, living here to find out His plan for us, we become more and more interested in studying spiritual things for ourselves. We are no longer willing to accept the opinions of others, nor to live as they live, especially if their ways bring sickness and sorrow. We begin to feel, rightly, that there must be a way of living that will keep us well and happy.

7. The real purpose of your life is to express the creation of God—to unfold the many departments of your mind which God has planned for you, and which will enable you to know and to do His will. When you know that there is nothing for you to worry about or to fear, you may then relax and feel happy. When you know that living, as God has planned it, here and now, is beautiful and that you can know just what God’s plans are for you, you will be really interested in living, won’t you?