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God's Garden (Audio)

Audio of God's Garden by Myrtle Fillmore

Cassette of audio of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore

Listen to Myrtle Fillmore's God's Garden.

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Text of God's Garden by Myrtle Fillmore

TruthUnity note: I have not seen any publication of the text of Myrtle Fillmore’s God’s Garden. So the following is a transcription I made from this recording. There are a few places where her words were unclear and I am sure there are some mistakes. I will be grateful for anyone who can help provide the true words of this talk. - Mark

This is the joy of the spring sunshine that fills my soul and wings my voice as it flows out to you. It is impersonal and I trust is welcome as a breeze coming in your open window. And like the sunshine and spring air, it is laiden with God’s blessings for you.

Your garden out there is aglow with beauty and color. You have joyous faith in the abilities of its seed to bring forth of its kind. You do not question your abilities to prepare the soil of the ministries of the unfolding needs and so you cooperate with the natural law. Yet in the preparation for such results you have officiated in the miracle of growth. In the field of colors in your brown garden with the beauty and splendor all of God’s increase.

The frequent of color and position of it has established your faith in a law which decrees that you shall reap as you sow. You are not anxious, you do not doubt, you do not question. You consider it your right to express the freedom now to bless your work with success. You are pleased and satisfied with results of the natural law and this should prompt you to exercise the full faith in the spiritual law of your own consciousness. For here too to prepare the soil of your mind, plant the kind of seed you desire to have bud and blossom and proved in your own soul and body.

Your soul and body are God’s garden too. You the creator works through your consciousness. With His light and love and life to reproduce the beautiful patterns of your thoughts.

Into the chalice of your soul, which your faith holds light, God pours his own ideas which take root in your desires, your acts and your very flesh. The miracles of growth are being performed all the time. It is always springtime in the soul. You are doing just what the seeds in the garden have done. You have prepared the garden of mind and heart to the living words I speak. In so doing, you are contesting the Christ spirit and making use of a veritable element of being. And bringing into visibility of beauty and perfection of God’s ideal man and of heaven which are your home. And your words of life and health — joy and truth — are God’s way and eternally bring forth the radiance of their kind.