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Myrtle Fillmore - Wee Wisdom's Way

What's new today (June 3, 2013) is that the text and illustrations from Myrtle Fillmore's Wee Wisdom's Way is now freely available on the Internet.

After after 100 years the only book ever written by Unity's co-founder is now disseminating throughout the world. Hopefully, the text of this metaphysical treatise for the young at heart is now entering into the 21st century lexicon, into blog posts, into musical compositions and into the imagination of spiritual seekers everywhere.

Each time you visit Wee Wisdom's Way and each time you forward the link to friends and fellow Unity congregants you tell Google that Myrtle's classic message is important.

Here are some other reasons why exploring these pages is important to you:

In short, Wee Wisdom's Way is not a children's book. Rather it is Myrtle's metaphysical treatise about Truth conveyed to the young at heart. As she writes on page 79:

Wisdom shows you that Love and Good's like a circle and doesn't have corners, doesn't commence, and doesn't leave off; just goes round and round forever; and when you see how it is, you'll always have a smooth way. 'Cause that's Wisdom's way, and "her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace." Then papa said, "Because you have to become as a little child to find this way, it ought to be called 'Wee Wisdom's Way.'

Read and Download

Myrtle Fillmore - Wee Wisdoms Way cover Download the PDF   Download a PDF copy of the 1914 edition Wee Wisdom's Way for printing and reading with your kids and grandkids.

Download high-resolution image of Wee Wisdoms Way book cover   Download a high resolution image of Wee Wisdom's Way book cover for your Sunday service bulletin.

Wee Wisdom School - Austin, Texas

Wee Wisdom School in Austin, Texas at Unity Church of the Hills

The spirit of Myrtle Fillmore and Wee Wisdom is alive and well today at Wee Wisdom School, in Austin, Texas, located at Unity Church of the Hills.