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Letters of Myrtle Fillmore (1936)

Why read the Letters of Myrtle Fillmore?

Letters of Myrtle Fillmore Cover

Hi Friends —

The Letters of Myrtle Fillmore are all about making peace—peace with our bodies, with our friends and family, with our memories, with our life partner, with our finances, with old age and death. Each letter was written by Myrtle in reply to someone who asked her for guidance on a real life problem.

And the excerpts that Frances Foulks assembled from Myrtle’s letters in 1936 go right to the point that Myrtle makes time and again: we must allow the healing presence of the Christ within to unify our Spirit, soul and body, restoring wholeness in our body, life and affairs. She writes,

I often think these days that we are all in too much of a rush, trying to do too much, and still failing to discern and do the very things that would mean most. So much that we think and do, surely, would not be done by one in the Jesus Christ consciousness. So much that we think we need would not be desired by one conscious of the spiritual resources.

If you’re looking to do what Myrtle recommends—to slow down and to discern how God is guiding you right now—if you’re looking to become whole, then know that these short and powerful excerpts from Myrtle’s letters are always available here and by downloading the PDF of the original edition published in 1936.

But also know that Rev. Eleanor Fleming is offering a four-part class based on Myrtle’s letters. You can find out more on the calendar on the homepage. While you’re there you can also see that Eleanor leads a meditation on Tuesday, that Rev. John Zenkewich of Unity Long Island continues his Unity discussion group on Wednesday evenings and that Rev. Nancy Norman is offering her Prosperity gatherings on Thursday.

These are three great Unity teachers and ministers who are available to help us find greater peace, healing and prosperity in our life.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, October 11, 2020


Letters of Myrtle Fillmore

Written by:

Myrtle Fillmore
Unity School of Christianity

Download the PDF    Download a PDF of the 1936 (First Edition) edition of Letters of Myrtle Fillmore