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How to Let God Help You

Chapter 22

No Incurable Condition

1. There is no such thing as an incurable “disease” in the body. The activities, weaknesses, and abnormalities to which the medical profession gives names are but the efforts of the God-given inner intelligence to deal with conditions that the individual has produced by his failure to understand the Truth, to recognize himself as the perfect child of God, and to live by the divine law of life.

2. Anything which does not measure up to the Christ pattern of perfection can be changed. Anything which the idea of God-Mind, expressing in the mind of man, has not produced can be dissolved into the original nothingness, by the understanding application of the power of spiritual thought and the resultant spiritual action.

3. There is nothing in the cell structure of the so-called cancer that will not respond readily to the radiations of love, life, and substance. The appearance is but the effect of concentrating attention upon negative beliefs and undesirable conditions.

4. Too much power has been given to adverse things, and hence too much blood has been “poisoned” and thrown into the tense part of the body in the effort to relieve it. The nature of cancer indicates some secret or unconscious resentment or bitterness toward something to which power has been attributed. The appearance shows that one has been outwardly sweet and submissive but inwardly grieved, hurt, or intolerant. Sometimes the condition we call cancer may be caused by unwise living habits, too. Whatever the cause, we know that the change in consciousness and in living habits which the Truth reveals will relieve, renew, restore, and make one entirely free.

5. We must agree that the doctors judge by appearance, founding their opinions upon the study of effects and drawing their conclusions from the outworking of mistakes which the individuals have made and continue to make.

6. No one who has awakened spiritually and is seeing his threefold being in the light of Truth speaks of disease as something of itself. He does not think for a moment that the mind is fixed in old race beliefs or errors, or that his body is unresponsive to Spirit. He ceases to think even of the name the doctors gave to the condition. He casts out and forgets their assumption that this condition could not be changed and done away with utterly, just as you would refuse to hold and to think of some unworthy or untrue thing you might hear spoken as you walked down the street.

7. Then, he begins at once to rejoice that he is an offspring of God. He declares that the life and the substance of his body are the perfect pattern of that life and body which are the gifts of God. These gifts are in reality inseparably one with God’s own being, the very essence of God-Life, God-Substance, and God-Intelligence. It is God’s plan to have the creation express His own ideas, qualities, and being. Man’s work is to become conscious of and to express in his life the true pattern and qualities of God.

8. We know very well that God would not create a man with imperfections, shortcomings, and diseased conditions. We know also that He would not create automatons who were without free will and the privilege of exercising their powers of son-ship.