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How to Let God Help You

Chapter 2

The New Way

1. The soul must be awakened, brought to a realization of Truth, and encouraged in the righteous use of all the God-given faculties and powers. The individual must be helped to unify his spirit, soul, and body in harmonious spiritual living here and now.

2. Heretofore, we may not have seen much in life in this world that was particularly pleasing or worth while. Such a meager outlook results from our trying to see life through a little knothole of personality. We have received the messages that our parents, our teachers, our playmates, our pals, our business associates, our friends, our superior officers, and the world in general have given us through our senses. Thus, we have formed biased opinions of the things within and about us. We have seen what appears, because of limited information, and not what God has created, planned, purposed, and held together through the countless ages.

3. God—my Father and your Father—has made me to know that no matter what I have done or what others have done to me, He has implanted within me the pattern of perfection. He has given me the life, power, intelligence, and substance out of which I may recreate my soul qualities and my physical structures, and so come forth a new creature. You, too, by studying and proving this Truth can do the same.

4. Now, because of God’s great understanding love which Jesus Christ has helped us to comprehend and realize, we are beginning to catch glimpses of what the Father is and what He has for us and what we are in Truth. We are beginning to learn that life is our gift from the Father, a gift that is never withdrawn, never lessened, never limited by the Giver. We are beginning to enjoy this gift and to yearn to know how to make right use of it so that we may have the fullness of joy and blessings in it. We are starting to discover that we can actually do the splendid things we were created to do and came into the world to do. This realization should send a glow of warmth and happiness, and a quickening of life all through our being.

5. Truly, it is of great value for us to set to work to perfect anything and everything that we may find that does not measure up to the best that our new light shows us. We shall discover that it is much more important to change and to do that which is really best for our progress and our health than it is to be smugly consistent or to make the excuse that we have always done thus and so it is too late to change now. The moment we discover anything undesirable in our minds or our lives, we should seek to make the changes necessary to bring about that which is desirable.

6. Do not be concerned if you do not always get from your study and your prayers the results that your senses take cognizance of. Your spiritual awakening is the important thing. It will increase your consciousness of your unity with God Mind and will give you greater freedom of expression through the various centers of consciousness in your body. Your spiritual study will call these disciples (centers) of yours into finer embodiment so that they will be alert and responsive. It will be up to you to give them the true ideas and set them to work, proving the Truth, each in the thing it is called to do.