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How to Let God Help You

Guide Booklet: Health and Wholeness

Chapters 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.

Chapters 18 through 26 have to do with bringing the body into harmonious adjustment and perfection, through observance and application of the Jesus Christ laws.

The author points out that manifesting perfection in our bodies is largely a matter of letting God make us perfect. Everything we need for healing, for physical order, is already ours; what we have to learn is to let the Spirit of God take hold of the soul and put it to doing its work in the body. And to learn this we need only good, common sense, to enable us to see that because our bodies are of God, they are logically meant to be perfect.

Since our physical shortcomings are due to error thoughts, we shall have to make a mental effort to renew our subconsciousness. The changes we work in our minds will begin at once to effect the physical changes we desire.

To this spiritual and mental treatment we must of course add careful attention to our living habits. Proper food, exercise, rest, and the like are essential if we want to express divine order in our bodies.

Chapter 19 explains that the care and development of the body is not incompatible with spiritual development. We can only conclude that man’s perfect body is part of God’s plan of life—and when we learn how to live by present laws we shall be ready to learn a great deal about higher laws, so that eventually we may expect to “sustain the body in health, activity, and radiance indefinitely.”

Because the body is a “creature of habit,” we fall into negative “ruts” where health is concerned. However, the mind controls the body, so all that is necessary is for the mind to take up a definite program and stir up interest in things worth while. That is why this present program of self-development will produce positive results in our physical bodies.

In Chapter 21, Myrtle Fillmore points out that time has nothing to do with our demonstration of health and wholeness, and she prescribes a specific course of prayer and thought which will bring about the desired healing or improvement in health. There is also a helpful discussion of how the various physical organs—eyes, nose, ears, and the rest—work in the realm of the mind as well as physically.

Chapter 22 presents one of the most glorious truths of God concerning man’s physical being: There is no such thing as an “incurable” physical condition. Anything that does not measure up to perfection can be changed; anything that God-Mind has not produced can be dissolved, through the power of spiritual thought and action.

In Chapter 23 the author relates her own experience in transforming the body temple through the renewing of the mind. It will be well for us to follow the example of Myrtle Fillmore pages (122-123) in speaking words of Truth to the various parts of our bodies.

Myrtle Fillmore achieved much success in healing others, so we can profitably give earnest attention when she reveals what she considered the secret of her success in healing: “the spiritual revelation that God is in actuality our Father, the source of our life and the substance of our bodies. As soon as I saw this truth I realized that He who created us and who continues to sustain us is also patterning us after His own perfect ideas—and that whatever He has created, He can restore!” Then, on page 129, Mrs. Fillmore tells us just what we must do to have success in spiritual treatments.

In Chapter 25, the author directs her advice to the parents of two children, a girl and a boy. This material is specific and practical, and can be used with sure results in any case where health problems affect children.

Chapter 26 deals with “Generation and Regeneration,” and points to Jesus as an example of the “restored companionship between God and man” that must come about if man is to be restored to perfect unity with the spiritual consciousness of life. Mothers particularly have an essential part to play in this restoration; they must raise their thoughts of generation from the fleshly to the spiritual, thus bringing forth the Christ child in their own souls and in their children.

Complete these statements:

  1. I can do whatever I really want to do, if (page 100)
  2. I transcend the limitations of material mind by (page 114)
  3. All things are possible with me because (page 105)
  4. I can make my life the very thing I most want through (page 111)
  5. I am successful in healing myself and others because (page 129)