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How to Let God Help You

Chapter 32


1. God is infinite justice.

2. Speak this. Think about it. Study it word by word. Pray for understanding of its real meaning.

3. Then identify yourself with God. Claim your inseparable oneness with God. Declare that you, then, are infinite justice; the justice of God is your action in all ways.

4. As you study this statement, you will realize that it is true that one of the qualities of God as divine law is infinite justice, ever active, throughout the universe.

5. You will come to understand that because you are the offspring of God, with freedom of choice, and with command of the power, faculties, and qualities of being, you can determine just what will come into your life. You can determine what infinite justice will mete out to you. You can determine what your own attitude and acts toward others will bring to you as the result of their impressions of what you give forth.

6. Because God is infinite justice, you can always change the causes you set into operation, and so change the results. It is always measured to you as you yourself measure by your attitude and acts.