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How to Let God Help You

Chapter 27

The Law of Supply

1. YOU say your world is not bounded like mine, with peace, friends, happiness, prosperity, love, plenty, and blessings of all kinds. How do you know what my world is? You are using your imagination in picturing my world to yourself. You are using the same imagination in bounding and picturing your own world—but see how differently you are using this wonderful formative faculty! See how differently you think of the people around you than of the people who are around me. Why, of course, the reactions are different. You help to make them so. People could not break through the boundaries you set, no matter how much they desired to. And so it seems to you that your life is hemmed in and friendless. Your world is sad because you continually think sad thoughts and speak sad words. This is breaking God’s law of love and harmony and joy. You cannot feel God’s presence so long as you disregard His laws.

2. You have some talent and capability that, used to the glory of God and the honor of man, will bring you a rich reward. There is something that you can do better than anyone else can do it, and through the loving, efficient service you can render you will fulfill a need in the world. As you develop your inner resources and capabilities, the way is bound to open in the outer for you to “cash in” on your talents.

3. We’ll get at the prosperity consciousness now, and develop your inner spiritual resources and teach you to use them to supply whatever need arises. When you look with your all-seeing, all-discerning eye of faith, you see God’s abundance manifesting to meet every need of yours. So practice seeing with this inner eye that beholds the eternal verities of Being. The more you exercise this eye, the better you will see with it.

4. You would not think of closing your eyes and walking around saying that you can’t see and don’t know where you are going. So why close your eye of omniscience by saying, “I do not know what to do”? Repeatedly affirm that you do know! That is the way to make your wisdom work for you and guide you in paths of plenty.

5. When the way seems dark, pray for spiritual illumination and guidance, and bring all your thought-people into the light. You will become a radiant center of light, joy, and optimism. People will want to have you serve them. You will inspire success, for others will have confidence in you. Through understanding of spiritual laws you have a potential “gold mine” to develop.

6. Let the sayings and the works and the ways of Jesus Christ inspire you and lead you out into your field of service and expression; then you will find your efforts blessed with the real inner sense of satisfaction as well as with visible and tangible success. Jesus Christ’s one desire was to glorify God and to reveal Him in the lives of His children. So He went about, speaking the Truth of Being to those He met and ministering with unending patience while they loitered at work He gave them to do. He knew how the opinions of men had been drilled into them until the light which God gave was almost lost sight of. Jesus’ work was mostly a drill in bringing the minds of His students to grasp the Christ ideas of oneness with God-Mind, that they might pray to the Father in secret and so mold their own blessings and be able to radiate peace-inspiring, health-building qualities to others. When an individual awakens in the Christ mind, he has no difficulty in keeping well and happy and busy with worthwhile things.

7. When we are endeavoring to listen, to understand, and to follow our divine guidance from the spiritual center of our own soul, we find that every wind that blows (whether it appears at first to be good or ill) does fill us with the spirit of plenty—because the winds are evidence of God’s ideas and substance, and plenty is the one reality. So we may rejoice in our prosperity and use it day by day, in full assurance that it will never fail.

8. There was a time when my husband was sick and without funds. You would not have seen anything in that early environment and life of ours to give peace and happiness. We didn’t know where we were to get our food or clothes or money to pay our debts. There was no evidence of plenty or prosperity. We didn’t have anyone to pray for us or to offer suggestions of Truth; these things we had to find ourselves, in the heart of God. Those about us thought us more than a little “off,” because we talked of God as our health and our supply.

9. But we got well and helped others to get well. We found that God had ways to provide for our needs. We kept on trusting and rejoicing in the Truth that came to us. We began to make new friends, who brought others.

10. I love to meditate upon Jesus’ illustration of God’s provision for all of us: “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.” When all of humanity lives in harmony with the providing law of Being, man too will be blessed with plenty without having to toil for the necessities of life. We can learn valuable lessons on every side when our minds are alert.

11. So get busy by using the Truth you know. Love those about you in a practical way; pay no attention to what others are doing, in so far as to make comparisons. Bring forth your own joyous world of love, friendship, beauty, and plenty. God is giving everything required to build such a world. There is within you the God-given intelligence to build such a world. Get at it!