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How to Let God Help You

Chapter 36


Command of the Spirit

Stand by the Truth, for its seed is in itself.
Be the light, health, substance, beauty, and youth of your world.
For ignorance, see light;
   for sickness, health;
for want, plenty;
   for ugliness, beauty;
   for old age, youth;
   for bondage, freedom.
Get on fire with this doctrine; let it be your first, last, and only thought.
Our God is a consuming fire.
The righteous shall shine as the sun.
Appearances are nothing to Spirit.
Set the mind free from ideas of lust and deception.
   This is freedom to heal.
No man hides iniquity.
Believe in the honesty of all people.
Like the child, see good in all things.
Distrust makes wrinkles and old age.
Keep to your intention.
Spirit fulfills your obligations.
Reiteration of Truth trains the mind.
Demonstrate prosperity. We have already perceived.
   His will is done. We do not beg, for it is so. Persistence in Truth brings healing and prosperity. All is Truth.

Universal Freedom

To enjoy without possession;
To see without coveting;
To have without holding;
To be without seeming;
In short, to be myself, without desiring—knowing that all that is, is for me, for my pleasure and the satisfaction of my immortal soul.
To say,
“I am monarch of all I survey.
My right there is none to dispute.”
To be generous-hearted: What I see, others may see; what I enjoy others may share also on equal terms with me.

The Search

Dear Lord of my being, alone with Thee I am asking: “What am I? Who am I? Where am I?”

The answer comes from within:

“I am not what I seem. Flesh and blood do not reveal me to myself.”

Back of personal estimate comes the consciousness that I am inseparably joined with Thee, and until my union is acknowledged and consummated through divine co-operation of Spirit, soul, and body, I am not content nor at one with Thee in consciousness.

“I AM that I AM.”

“I am thine all possibility.”

Where I am in reality is in Thy bosom. Where I am in the world of effects depends upon what I think I am.

Lord of my Being, I would be disentangled from the servitude and vicissitudes of the formed world. I would do all Thou wouldst have me do. I would be “in the world but not of it.” I would dwell in the gloriousness of Thine omnipresent companionship. I would always be still enough to hear Thy voice instead of the confusion and clamor of senses. I would know and not assume. I would truly live and not exist.

Give me, dear Lord, Thy conscious support and let me be filled with the love and zeal that give character and direction to the activities of mind and body.

“I in them, and thou in me, that they may be perfected into one.”

None Beside Thee

Holy One, I would do Thy will; I would give all that I am, all that I am capable of being, into Thy keeping. I would think Thy thoughts after Thee. I would give my life in making manifest Thy will in all my words and work. I would be dependent on Thee alone for my inspiration and incentive. I would know and acknowledge no other source. Thou has sent me into the world; Thou only canst direct and vitalize my effort. Help me to realize this momently: There is none beside Thee.

I Bless You

I am not deceived by appearances. You are Spirit and you are Truth. I do not believe that anyone hides iniquity, nor do you. I do not distrust my fellow men, nor do you.

You are not filled with the spirit of condemnation; you do not willfully regard appearances. You see the true substance. You are love itself and your pure love takes in all the world.

You love Truth for Truth’s own sake. Truth sets you free from pain. Truth opens your ears to hear, Truth makes you willing to do.

You are Almighty God’s useful and prosperous child. I bid you go in peace. In Jesus’ name you are healed. Amen.