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How to Let God Help You

Chapter 20

Creature of Habit

1. The body is a creature of habit. Without the positive, purposeful daily effort of the mind, it becomes after a time difficult to break the habits into which it has plunged. In the mind there is some negative idea concerning life which has resulted in the soul’s giving up and allowing the body to slump and refuse to do the things for which it has been formed and sustained. The body becomes lazy and does not want even to move about. But once the mind takes up a definite program and stirs up interest in things worth while here and now, the body will begin to wake up and to draw the abundant life of Spirit down into the various nerve centers, bones, muscles, and organs. New energy will flow through the organism and the soul will eagerly use it in setting about the work of releasing energy into the flesh to accomplish the necessary work of healing.

2. Years of negative thinking and inactivity may cause the body to lose its ability to get up and walk about and do the many things for which it is created. The individual has to train the body persistently to do that which he wishes. Use of the organs, muscles, and members will restore them to normal. The very fact that individuals have stayed alive through years of lying in bed is proof that a certain amount of the life and substance of God has been received and appropriated by the body. But when the body sets up fixed, negative, limited habits, it just stays in bed and fails to use the perfect Christ pattern for its renewal and action.

3. The glorious Truth of Being transforms mind and body. Those who are transformed will arise and take up their beds and walk. They will begin to glorify God in doing the things that are well-pleasing in His sight. They will know that life is eternal and inexhaustible.

4. Through the right use of God-given power, a person may make his life the very thing he most wants.