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Series 2 - Lesson 6 - Annotation 16

Series 2 - Lesson 6 - Annotation 16

How is the physical body redeemed?

16. The physical body can be redeemed only by raising the mind to the fourth dimension, by taking the mind beyond the three dimensions of the earthly realm to the realm of divine ideas where the body-idea is recognized.

The earthly body is substance in visible form and as such is still subject to the physical laws which operate in substance. But when ideas of life and substance are perceived in consciousness, then the three dimensions of idea, expression, manifestation will be embraced in the fourth dimension of realization, or the realm of Divine Mind. Then the same spiritual conditions will be found in the manifestation as are in Spirit or Divine Mind.

The process of body redemption requires that we first of all unburden the body from the belief that it is only flesh. Through understanding we come to recognize the body as primarily the temple of God. We need to bear in mind that there is but one Principle, God, the one substance from which all must emanate. There is but one law or activity of that Principle on all three planes of consciousness — the immutable law of God. When we can view life in this way, we are able to perceive chat the body is an instrument of God, a spiritual form, an expression and manifestation of the organizing power of God.

"The body is the meeting place of the life and substance attributes of Being, consequently body is an important factor in consciousness. Body is not matter; it in substance and life in expression" (Talks on Truth 158).

This concept or vision will redeem the body and raise it to its rightful place as the perfect channel for the unfolding of life and love. Such thoughts give us a reverent regard for the body, and a desire to have every body manifest the beauty and perfection of the ideal body held in God-Mind as a body-idea. Through the action of the Word, we impress thoughts of light, life, and love on every cell of the organism. Our reward is a hearty response of wholeness, and the body is thus redeemed to health and strength.

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