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Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 2

Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 2

What is the Superconscious phase of mind?

2. The Superconscious is the Christ Mind; the I AM; the God Presence in every man.

We refer to man's threefold nature as spirit, soul, body. The first phase — spirit — is called by many names—Christ, I AM, divine center, the "Father within," Lord, law of our being, and Super-conconsciousness. While Divine Mind is the realm of divine ideas for all creation, this Mind indwells us as the Superconscious or Christ Mind, and is thus the realm of divine ideas for us individually. The Superconscious is the realm of pure knowing.

The term "superconscious" indicates that the Superconscious Mind is above our conscious phase of mind (thinking, reasoning, or intellect) and our subconscious phase of mind (feeling, emotion, or the heart). These two activities of our soul or mind are the users of the ideas of the Superconscious or Christ Mind.

Man responds to the ideals of God by turning to the Superconscious or Christ Mind and laying hold of the ideas that make up his divine inheritance. Without movement of ideas in mind there could be no consciousness. The use of the ideas by our thinking and feeling will be determined by our stage of soul unfoldment, and by the needs of mind, body, and affairs.

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