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Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 11

Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 11

How is Jesus Christ the Saviour of mankind?

11. Jesus Christ can be said to be the Saviour of mankind because He sought in His ministry to draw every man's attention to his own divine creation, and to the "saving grace" or love of God. As WayShower, Jesus pointed the way for every man to seek within for the "Father who is in secret" (Matt. 6:6). Jesus became the manifestation of the principle that combines the Son of God (Christ) and Son of man (Jesus). Paul refers to this as "the fulness of the Godhead bodily" (Col. 2:9). The Jesus Christ principle unites the Superconscious, the conscious, and the subconscious spheres of man's being, making them one. This is the true "atonement."

Christ, I AM, is the seed idea or divine pattern of God which is implanted in every man, and contains all the elements of the God nature. Jesus represents the understanding use of this pattern; thus the Jesus Christ principle is the combination of the pattern and its application. Jesus, the Man of Nazareth, is the Way-Shower; He showed mankind the way to the understanding of man's relation to God, and the manner in which each man must unfold the Christ pattern within himself. Jesus taught God's Ideals which man in his belief in separation had forgotten. When put into action, Jesus' teaching transforms and redeems man's consciousness from all belief in the reality of sin, evil, poverty, and death, directing his thought current to righteousness. It is this "tuning in" with the Almighty One that "saves" man. Thus it is not difficult for us to understand why Jesus Christ is the Saviour of mankind, both in a general way as the Teacher who pointed the way, and in an individual way as the indwelling principle in every man.

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