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Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 10

Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 10

Why do we sometimes think one thing and manifest another?

10. We sometimes think one thing but manifest something different because the outpicturing in our body, life, and affairs is the result of the sum of all our thinking, feeling, acting (present and past, conscious and subconscious, good or bad). The thinking of the moment has not had sufficient time and spiritual impetus to work through the subconscious (feeling nature) into the manifest realm.

The conscious phase of mind (intellect) and the heart (subconscious phase) must work together in order to bring forth a harmonious manifestation. "Realization precedes manifestation" (Jesus Christ Heals 39). Usually some time is required for an idea to work itself into the subconscious. Realization is not possible until the two phases of mind agree and accept the idea, so that it may blossom into the desired manifestation. Many instantaneous answers to prayer have been reported, but in such cases the work has already taken place in the mind so that realization is ready to bring forth the manifestation.

We need to remember that the conscious thought is not the sole determining factor in producing, changing, and improving manifestation; the entire consciousness must be taken into account through a process of growth, unfoldment, and development. No conscious thought is ever wasted, however, even though it may not appear to produce an instantaneous manifestation.

"The fulfillment ... in the world of activities may take moments, hours, days, years, centuries ... Do not think because you do not get an instant response to your prayers that they are not answered. Every sincere desire and every effectual prayer . . is fulfilled, and will be made manifest whenever material limitations permit!l (Jesus Christ Heals 7).

When the conscious and subconscious phases of mind are in harmony with the Superconscious or Christ Mind (divine ideas), we will no longer think one thing and manifest another.

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