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Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 9

Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 9

From what source have many of the subconscious thought currents come?

9. As the lesson brings out, many of the subconscious thought currents have come into the individual's subconscious phase of mind through the race thought. Man has viewed himself as a separate, independent entity; he has looked at his environment with its thunderings, lightnings, solid earth, seas, wild animals, forests, and the like, and he has been overwhelmed by the stupendous proposition that he faced.

The desire to live is incorporated in every cell of our fleshly, biological body by God, our Creator. However, until we discover the presence and power of God in us as the same life that is immanent in all living things, even in all inanimate things, we feel ourself to be a separate entity. Then comes the feeling that we must cope, mostly by struggle, with our environment in order to make it yield to us that which is necessary for the sustenance of our body.

As men (mankind as a species) increased in numbers, they pooled their interests, learned a method of communication with each other (speech), and formed judgments based on the physical senses and past experiences. Thus the race consciousness (subconscious of mankind as a whole) is impressed with the commonly accepted beliefs about what is necessary for man in order to live. Negative beliefs from the race consciousness accepted by the individual become "mental equivalents" in his subconscious that produce similar living conditions, until they are superseded by better and higher ideas.

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