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Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 19

Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 19

Why are we not always conscious of our oneness with God?

19. We are not always conscious of our oneness with God because somewhere in the history of the human family we have built a consciousness of separation. A writer has said that if two gateways were set before mankind, one labeled "To Heaven" and the other "To Lectures about Heaven," a large majority of persons would instinctively choose the second.

At the present state of development of the human family, the intellectual consciousness appears to be of prime importance. In developing this consciousness, many do not see the difference between intellectual awareness and spiritual consciousness. They think that to know about God and to know God are one and the same thing. For this reason, they are not conscious of their oneness with, their sameness to, God. To them God is a Being, a Father in heaven, separate and apart from themselves. God is always close; He is within us, but we do not always realize His presence because our interest is centered largely in outer things. The fact of God's being close does not help us unless we are conscious of it. So by effort we must build up this feeling of God within us, of our oneness with Him. In doing this, we are helped by considering right values in life, placing outer conditions and things in their right relation to spiritual realities. Inherently we know the value of spiritual truths, but we need to keep reminding ourself. This is not to imply that the intellect does not have its place, for it has -- but not as a master. Charles Fillmore has this to say in Keep a True Lent 155:

"Intellectual understanding comes first in the soul's development, then a deeper understanding of principle follows, until the whole man ripens into wisdom."

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