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Understanding – 11th Day, Monday

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Read Luke 2:40:52.

Spiritual understanding is the ability of the mind to apprehend and realize the laws of thought and the relation of ideas one to another. It is that something through which we understand God and ourselves.

Understanding reveals that love and wisdom should work together, that power should be expressed through love, and zeal should be tempered with wisdom. Intellectual understanding comes first in the soul's development, then a deeper understanding of Principle follows, until the whole man ripens into wisdom.

Those who are being educated in Truth through the power of the word will finally arrive at the place where the true light from Spirit will dawn on them, and they will see with spiritual understanding and have proof of the reality of the Christ Mind.

I realize that God is supreme knowing. That in me which comprehends is understanding; it knows and compares in wisdom. Its comparisons are not made in the realm of form, but in the realm of ideas. Understanding is that in me which knows how to accomplish things. I claim my Christ understanding at all times.

If willfulness of the mortal tries to take over, I gently deny it power, and affirm for spiritual understanding. At all times I hold for absolute freedom in the Lord. God is the one principle; we are all as free to use God as we are free to use the principle of mathematics or music. The principle never interferes, but if it is to be rightly applied, I must develop understanding.

I affirm:

"Divine understanding in me unites with the Holy Spirit, and I always know what to do."