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Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 20

Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 20

How are we awakened to the knowledge of God?

20. We are awakened to the knowledge of God by the I AM in us seeking to express itself. We may remain unaware of our spiritual nature for a very long period, but the I AM within us (God's Presence) is nevertheless ever urging us to become conscious of our oneness with Spirit. Just as the life principle within the seed is constantly urging it to develop into plant or tree to fulfill its own plan, so the I AM, or life principle within us, is urging us to develop into the manifest son of God in order to fulfill His plan for us. As the Breath of God, the Holy Spirit, moves in us we gradually become conscious of the inner prompting. At first we may recognize it only as a feeling of dissatisfaction with life as we are living it in a limited way, and the desire for a new and higher way of living becomes our goal.

As brought out in the quotation from Keep a True Lent in the preceding annotation, our intellect is the forerunner of spiritual understanding. Literature, teachers, and best of all the examples of those who are alive in Truth catch the attention of the intellect. We begin to see something better than we have known before. This causes a desire to investigate and find out what others have that we have not, what transforms their lives and gives them joy instead of sorrow, health instead of sickness, peace instead of worry. Seeing a better way awakens a desire to realize it, and the earnest desire opens the way for revelation and guidance in the achieving of this better way. Too often individuals get a glimpse of that which they would like to have in their life experiences but without understanding and guidance they seek in ways that are not good, often taking from others rather than seeking God and allowing His laws to bring their own to them.

We need always to remember that knowledge of God comes to each soul only through the revelation of Spirit within -- it cannot be imparted by others though much inspiration may come through the example and teachings of others. Of one thing we may be sure; revelation of the truth about God and our relation to Him will come when we desire it deeply enough and are willing to seek it through contemplation of the qualities (ideas) that make up His true character or nature, and then allow divine ideas to come alive in us through meditation, prayer, and the Silence.

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