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Series 2 - Lesson 9 - Annotation 9

Series 2 - Lesson 9 - Annotation 9

What effect does spiritual treatment have on pictures of error?

9. Spiritual treatment erases pictures of error from both the conscious and the subconscious phases of mind, i.e. thinking and feeling. With the mental causes removed the error conditions of body and affairs are changed.

The subconscious phase of mind, which neither sleeps nor rests, is the center from which all functions, activities, control, and operations of the body are carried on. The subconscious is subject to the conscious phase of mind, especially to the action of the will. It is vital that an individual learn to discipline his will faculty so that he may control the faculty of imagination.

Denial withdraws the substance of faith from the error thought form. In its place is put a new thought form which by faith is filled with divine substance. In order to erase erroneous pictures, one must have sufficient spiritual understanding to know the impermanency of them and have knowledge of the right way to replace them.

Spiritual treatment is primarily for the purpose of making man conscious of himself as a son of God. This necessitates changing the thinking, feeling, speaking, doing, so that man may act and react only from the standpoint of his true nature. The consciousness of Truth eliminates all error that has been held in the mind. Manifestations of error also disappear when man rediscovers who he truly is: a son of God; where he is: in heaven here and now; where he is going: back in consciousness to the Father to be the divine likeness in actual physical manifestation.

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