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Series 2 - Lesson 8 - Annotation 16

Series 2 - Lesson 8 - Annotation 16

What is the basis for man's faith in himself?

16. The foundation principle for man and all creation is that there is but one Presence and one Power, God, Absolute Good, in man and in all the universe. In man this Absolute Good is the image of God, the Christ.

The basis for man's faith in himself is his divine origin. Man is made in the image and after the likeness of God, and God has placed His Spirit within man and given him dominion and the power and ability to express that dominion, in order that he might consciously be God's highest expression in all creation, the Christ, the Son, the Divine Idea, I AM, the Word.

As man realizes who and what he is, a spiritual being having the same character and nature as God, Absolute Good, by divine inheritance, he establishes in his consciousness a firm foundation (understanding faith) through which he is able to do all things.

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