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Series 2 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 7

Series 2 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 7

How are thought centers formed?

7. Thought centers are formed by the creative power of God moving ideas toward expression through man's consciousness for manifestation in the realm of form. What are called "thought centers" in the body are formed because of the experiences through which the body has passed, in its long evolutionary journey toward expression and manifestation, from a single cell to its present complex organism, man learns much through experience, and he knows for himself only that which he experiences. Before man had the power to reason, which is a mark of self-consciousness, his body had a feeling nature led by desire. As the biological body evolved, desire was the chief characteristic and ruled its life. In order to grow, the body desired food, so the biological cell wrapped itself around what would sustain it and cause it to expand. A repetition of this process, through countless ages, resulted in the formation of a stomach. Other organs were formed through similar processes until an organism was evolved with a highly developed nervous system and brain. Need to function preceded organization.

In the early stages of man's unfoldment on this earth his reasoning consciousness was expressing but dimly. The senses were paramount and instinct was the highest degree of intelligence functioning through the body. When the body was bruised or wounded, it experienced a sensation of "not good." When it found a choice morsel of food that satisfied hunger, it experienced a "good" and "very good" sensation. There was no reasoning done about it, just the establishing of reactions to sensation experienced. The cells and organs of the body were formed through these instinctive experiences, not through selfconscious thinking, as we understand thinking today, but as desires and feelings.

Manifest man feels, desires, thinks, speaks, acts, and evolves because of the movement of the creative I AM, Jehovah, or Lord God, the Son of God, spiritual man within seeking expression.

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