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Series 2 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 6

Series 2 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 6

What is a "thought center"?

6. A thought center is an idea or an aggregation of ideas, beliefs, or concepts that is the nucleus around which substance (mind essence) gathers to form a mental structure. Thought is the act or process prompted by the one creative Mind. It does not relate alone to thinking as done by a self-conscious entity. It is any movement in the one creative Mind working toward consciousness. The essential principles of the Christ Mind, inherent in manifest man and the universe, become consciousness through these mind processes.

A center is that point within a sphere which is equally distant from every other point of its circumference, a focal point from which radiate the life and light that animate all parts of the sphere of its activity.

The primal "thought center" is spiritual man, the image-likeness of God. In the Old Testament he is named Lord God, or Jehovah God; in the New Testament he is named Jesus Christ. The Lord, or Jehovah God, functions as the "beginning" of God's ideal of man working in wisdom. Jesus Christ functions as the "fulfillment" of God's ideal of man working in love.

God's sphere of activity is man and the universe. The ideal is the pattern that is centered in God consciousness as I AM, the focal point. This pattern is to be expressed in the soul of man and manifested in his body and affairs.

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