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Series 2 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 8

Series 2 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 8

How does man lose his consciousness of divine harmony?

8. Man does not manifest harmony in his life when he fails to think on divine ideas only, when he does not keep consciously in touch with I AM as the life and light of his being.

Divine harmony is the result of a consciousness that is united individually and collectively with the life principle in all creation. Consciousness is the direct knowing of each one for himself, attained through thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting according to his beliefs.

Very often a young person reaches a time when he thinks the rules of his father's house place too many restraints on him. He feels that he knows more than his father does. Therefore, he leaves his father's house to seek his fortune. So it is sometimes with man in relation to his heavenly Father. As a self-conscious entity he is in an adolescent stage of development spiritually. He depends on his own present consciousness, acquired through what he has experienced, and does not turn to the Lord of life, the I AM. He goes out from his Father's house (God consciousness) into a "far country" to make his own laws and to reap the results of a consciousness apart from the Lord. He loses conscious contact with the I AM and forgets his own innate divinity by keeping his attention and interest on the external; thus he loses consciousness of the harmony that is his divine inheritance.

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