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Series 2 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 15

Series 2 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 15

Explain why we should be wise in the use of the term I AM.

15. This lesson has brought out that I AM is the name for ideal man, the Christ, the creative power of God in man (the first phase of man's threefold nature). Thus, to use the powers of the I AM in an unwise way is to bring into our life experiences that which we do not want, Charles Fillmore emphasizes:

It is possible for man to take I AM power and apply it in external ways and leave out the true spiritual law. In our day we are proclaiming that man can use I AM power to restore health and bring increased happiness ... But some people are using this power in a material way, neglecting soul culture, building up the external without taking the intermediate step between the supreme Mind an its manifestation in the outer. Jesus Christ Heals 123-124

As sons of God we were given the I AM powers as our spiritual heritage. With this heritage goes the responsibility of administering it wisely. It is vital, therefore, that we use the I AM powers wisely, righteously, and constructively, for that which we experience in our everyday life is the result of our use or misuse of spiritual powers. We come to see the reason for the almost magical results from sincere affirmation when we realize our responsibility in the use of our I AM powers. We say for our body: "I AM God's life, substance, and intelligence in form." For our affairs we might affirm: "I AM prosperous, successful, harmonious." If we are desirous of having God's revelations of Truth, we might declare: "I AM one with God's light, life, and understanding." In such statements there is no thought of powers outside of ourself, but rather the present tense acceptance of them as available now. (A review of Lesson Three of How I Used Truth 41-46 would be very enlightening here.)

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