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Metaphysical meaning of day (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of day (rw)
day--Represents the state of mind in which intelligence dominates. The idea back of day is light, or the dispensation of intelligence. In the Scriptures day and night are symbols for degrees of unfoldment, day being understanding; night, ignorance. (see night)

day, last--All shall attain who believe or have faith in the spiritual source of life. Whoever enters into the Mind of Spirit will have poured out to him its life essence and be wholly raised up from material conditions when arriving at the "last day"--the last degree of understanding.

day of judgment--Any day in which we get the result in body and affairs of some thought or word that we have expressed.

day of rest--The true day of rest is the consciousness of universal peace that constitutes the kingdom of heaven. This peace is eternal, and when man becomes conscious of it his "day of rest" has begun to dawn. This rest comes from the understanding that now in Christ all things are complete.

days, three--The three days that Jesus was in the tomb represent the three steps in overcoming error. First, nonresistance and humility; second, the taking on of divine activity, or accepting the will of God; third, the assimilation and fulfillment of divine will.

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