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Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 13

Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 13

How are divine ideas brought into manifestation?

13. Divine ideas are brought into expression through the divine Logos, the Word of God, (the "God said" of Genesis) which is the creative power of Divine Mind. As the Word moves through man and all creation, the ideas are made manifest according to the need of the species.

So far as man is concerned, he brings divine ideas into manifestation through his thinking and feeling. The lesson material quotes from Christian Healing 13, in which the following sentence appears:

"All the ideas contained in the one Father-Mind are at the mental command of its offspring."

Though ideas are brought into expression through the Word of God, man as a free will being must make the claim mentally in order for them to manifest in his life as the fulfillment of his needs. In Lessons in Truth Lesson 10 Annotation 3 we find reference to the incorporation of life and love into soul, body, and affairs and as this annotation covers some of the points pertinent to the present question, we quote:

"In our true nature, our spiritual self, the Christ in us, we already have life and love and all the other divine ideas, but it is only as we consciously accept them by our thinking and feeling that they become active in our own consciousness. These qualities are then worked out in body and affairs as actual experiences."

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