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Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 12

Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 12

What is man's inheritance from God?

12. Divine ideas inherent in the nature of God are man's inheritance from God, but in order to come into this inheritance man must be ready to receive it as well as to claim it. Infinite Mind or God cannot inspire man with divine ideas before his human consciousness is ready to receive them. Until that time, the ideas are of no practical use to him because they pass him by through his nonrecognition. They fall by the wayside, fall on stony ground, fall where the weeds of error-thought choke them out.

Our part is to prepare our human consciousness, through denial, for the reception of divine ideas, as carefully as the agriculturist prepares the soil for the planting to be done in its season. Too often human beings fill their consciousness with thoughts of crime, disease, war, and poverty. We often cultivate these unconsciously through conversation about them, and through fear, instead of by clearing and preparing our "earth" -- the human consciousness -- for the seeds of divine ideas. Hence, our limited beliefs prevent our coming into our "real" estate, the Jesus Christ consciousness.

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