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Series 1 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 12

Series 1 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 12

Explain the meaning of "spiritual gift."

12. A gift is something voluntarily bestowed without expectation of compensation. When we speak of a "spiritual gift" we usually mean some quality, talent, or mental faculty to which man has awakened and of which he is now making use in order to better conditions for himself and for all creation. We may become aware of God through one or more of the qualities of Being thus only partially identifying ourselves with Him. When man becomes conscious of such a quality, talent, or faculty, it is, so to speak, "given" to him. Through use the gift is brought to life and light.

The supreme gift of God to every human being is that I AM identity. Identity here means: the same living being that God is; the same character as God; the unchangeable nature of God as perfect good. I AM is the name (Nature) of God as given to Moses to show that perfect good is alive everywhere.

I AM is the nucleus, like a seed idea of God Himself, that is living in every human being. Around this identity his desires, feelings, and thoughts must gather in continuous activity until he enters into God consciousness in all parts of his being, spirit, soul, body. He is then a "life-giving spirit." -- I Cor. 15:45.

The universal Christ body is those of humanity who have awakened to their divinity and are carrying out the regenerative process of redeeming their natures of all that is unlike God. Each member of the Christ body relates himself to the whole by voluntarily using the special talent he has unfolded, not only for himself but for the benefit of all.

Thus he recognizes the Fatherhood of God and establishes the brotherhood of man. There is an infinite number of members, each of whom is expressing the God nature in a variety of ways. There are no great, no small. No matter what his standing is in man's world, one member is no more important than any other member of the body. There are no superiors and no inferiors. Consciousness of eternal life is attained by each member of the Christ body, as he unfolds within himself the character of God; when he is manifesting the likeness of God.

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